Garden Waste Collection

We have recently had a sharp uptake in demand for green waste collection from our existing customers whilst cutting their lawns and have opened up a waste collection service for Stansted, Bishop's Stortford and surrounding towns and villages. Whilst maintaining strict social distancing rules and working within current Government guidelines we can remove your green waste and dispose of it at a licensed composting facility.

£24 (inc VAT) for the first bag
£18 (inc VAT) for each bag after the first (providing they are collected at the same time.

Step 1

Order your waste bag if you do not have your own. Deliveries are normally made within 48 hours. We will leave the bag outside your front door then knock to let you know it's there, whilst keeping our distance. 

Step 2

Fill the delivered bag (or your own) with your garden waste and let us know it's ready for collection. Once received we will contact you to arrange a convenient time for collection (normally within 48 hours)

Step 3

We will attend and collect the bag and payment. Please note that bags must be at the front of the property and no more than 20ft from the nearest accessible parking area. If you have filled your own bag we will return it within 48 hours.

Order your bag or arrange a collection

Frequent questions

Yes we hold the appropiate license with the Environment Agency for carrying green waste (licence no: CBDL20908

It is taken to a licensed facility which strictly deals with green waste and other compostable at which it is composted and used as fertiliser etc.

Yes although this may take up to 48 hours. (Possibly longer if collected on Friday PM or Saturday AM)

We charge £24(inc VAT) for the first bag (builders bags as pictured above). If you have multiple bags to be collected at the same time then we discount other bags to £18 (inc VAT) each, so 2 bags would be charged at £42. Payment is preferred by tap and pay on our mobile card reader to maintain social distancing. Electronic receipts are provided.

 All green garden waste including grass cuttings, hedge trimmings, leafs, branches, logs and weeds. We do not take soil, turf, stones or any form of plastics, metals or processed wood (eg fence posts or panels). If we find any contaminates in the bag to be removed or on tipping these will be returned to you!

Unfortunately not, we would have to wait until your household have undergone the quarantine period defined by the Government.

Bags must at the front of the property and be within 20ft of the available parking and accessable.

If it's your own bag then you just call when ready. If it is a bag we have delivered to you we will collect it within 14 days. We may extend this period by prior agreement providing service levels allow.

Order your bag or arrange a collection